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Our Mission

Born from the merger with Bogino Consulting, creating a group of professionals who actively collaborate to offer high added value services in administrative, accounting, tax and financial management with a strong attitude for the development and growth of its customers on local and international markets.
With a network of specialists throughout the territory national level and a strong vocation to the use of technologies to manage activities even remotely we guarantee maximum value to our customers.

Consulting Management
Consulting Management


Our activities’ engine

Our values ​​are what distinguishes and guides us in our work, we have long reflected on what really are the motivations that drive us and the way we want to be every day.


Method, pragmatism and integration

We operate as Temporary Managers; we prefer to be within companies and to alongside entrepreneurs to offer the best of our skills.

Ours is a systemic-oriented model: We face every situation with a path made of analysis, evaluation, sharing and Action, acting personally in the operation in agreement with the entrepreneur or company management.

Proactivity is the focus, as Temporary Manager we do not just meet the needs expressed but we operate constantly in the evaluation and reporting of all the elements that can bring value to the company. We work to bring positive changes within companies.

Consulting Management


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Share some essential data with us to find out how we can support you in the management and development of your business, we will reply shortly to deepen them together.

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