A 'good debt' is just an oxymoron


Debts must be managed

The 2008 crisis highlighted on a large scale how many factors can make running a business complex and difficult to honor commitments made based on different economic conditions. In the years following 2008, the effects of the crisis put many business activities in serious difficulty, generating an increasingly complex general economic situation. For this reason, in Italy, Law 3/2012 was promulgated in 2012, a tool that allows to solve or at least to mitigate the effects of over-indebtedness of the productive actors and to return to a manageable operating condition.

Analysis, evaluation, and debt restructuring

Starting from a rigorous analysis of the situation, our debt restructuring model provides for a strictly legal approach to ensure that the procedure is formally correct and by an operational advisory approach that ensures the sustainability and applicability of the restructuring plan.

Getax "Debt Management"

Italian Law 3/2012 is an organic discipline that offers the possibility of remodulation the debts of an entrepreneurial activity and creating a situation that allows business continuity while protecting both creditors and the entrepreneur.


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