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When is management control needed?

Simplifying as much as possible, the management control is the set of tools and information used to achieve the objectives set. Most SMEs incorrectly match management control with the function of the administrative manager or, at worst, with the role of the accountant. Management control, on the other hand, is the main tool for planning and controlling almost daily the performance of the company's activities.

Getax Management Control

Getax model involves the establishment of a Temporary Controller, a figure that will implement in the company all the activities necessary to implement functional management control and, at the same time, will transfer the skills necessary to use it at all levels.

Getax Management Control’ Phasis

Through a consolidated model of action, we carry out in a system based on the four pillars of the management control:

• Planning of business strategies, short, medium, long-term budgets

• Implementation through the provision of the planned resources

• Constant monitoring of the implementation and achievement of Goals

• Preventive action to solve errors and accidents.


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