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What is Subsidized finance for?

Subsidized finance is used to increase the competitiveness, productivity and efficiency of existing companies as well as fostering the emergence of new entrepreneurial realities. Soft finance includes a set of financial instruments that are advantageous compared to those normally available, available to companies to facilitate their development from different points of view, technological, organizational, commercial and human resources.

Subsidized finance opportunities

There are several types of facilities that companies can access:

• Grants

• Soft loans

• Credit guarantee

• Tax and contribution relief

• Instruments for intervention in risk capital

Depending on the needs and type of activity it is possible to access one or more of these tools.

Getax’s expertise on subsidized finance

Knowledge and continuous research of calls, tools and opportunities for companies are part of our daily work, we work constantly to have the necessary skills for our customers. Requirements verification, consistency analysis and support in the drafting of the documentation, starting from the forms to arrive at the complete business plans are one of our specializations. And our work continues, in most cases, in the use and reporting activities that guarantee our customers to take advantage, at the best, of the value offered by the instrument chosen and used.


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