“Tax” is absolutely the word with more synonyms and... antonyms


Italian Tax complexity

According to the Financial Complexity Index, the Italian tax system is one of the most complex in the world, only countries such as Brazil, Mongolia, Albania, or Colombia have greater complexity. Italian taxation - divided between national, regional, and municipal taxes - involves extremely time-consuming activities not only for the taxes to be paid but also for the procedures to be followed for the practices of tax refunds. A real puzzle we have learned to solve thanks to constant updating and experience in multiple companies.

The Getax method

Based on the complexity of the situations we offer an analysis and revision’s service of tax policies based on the periodic presence of our Temporary Fiscal Manager in the company to ensure timely and consistent analysis and operation.

Getax tax management

From the analysis of the company's situation to the application of all useful and necessary correctives up to the management of any disputes and refunds, we follow the company's tax process by gradually transferring the skills necessary to manage tax matters effectively and efficiently.


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